Us, that are Klaas and José and we have been travelling since a long time, the first trip on this site was to France in 1979. In the first instance to many countries in Europe and since 1980 mostly in campervans. From 1978 until may 1992 we always were accompanied by our Belgian shepherd dog(Groenendaeler) Bas. From 2000 until march 2009 Belgian shepherd dog(Malinois) Lex was our loyal companion. In 2002 we decided to sell our home and quit our jobs. A Mercedes Iglhaut Sprinter was bought and converted into a campervan, december 2002 our 3 year journey started from Holland to Greece, Turkey, Iran, UAE and Oman. Returning to Greece september 2003. From december 2004 until march 2005 another trip was made to Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Egypt starting from Greece. By the end of 2005 we returned to Holland. Besides travelling in our campervan we yet have another passion: alpines, mountain flora and rock gardening. Also making pictures of plants and everything mountainous has our special interest. Since 2005 we visit Greece on a regular basis, exploring the mountains.

José and Lex, Mt Vardousia Greece 03-11-2003
Klaas and Lex, Greece 30-09-2004
Malinois Lex, Greece 28-05-2004
Groenendaeler Bas
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