December 2002 our tour to Greece, Turkey, Iran, UAE and Oman started. After some difficulties obtaining visa for Iran, we finally were able to continue our trip to Oman early january 2003. We already had been confronted with severe winter conditions during our stay in Turkey. After crossing the Turkish/Iranian border we again had to deal with serious blizzards. We had 7 days transit visa for Iran only, so we had to hurry to the port of Bandar Abbas to get our ferry to the UAE. The 23rd of january 2003 we finally arrived in Sjarjah port, one of the Emirates. From here our journey in the UAE and Oman started, march 29th 2003 we returned to Iran with the same ferry from Sjarjah. After all, we stayed almost 3 months in Iran, spending most of our time finding plants of the genus Dionysia. The 23rd of june 2003 we crossed the border back into Turkey. Here we stayed another 2 months before returning to Greece.

About the Mercedes Iglhaut Sprinter

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