In 2002 we chose a Mercedes Iglhaut Allrad Sprinter 4WD. After having used our Mitsubishi L300 4WD(Delica) for 12 years for our travels, it had now become time for a new vehicle. For us it was very important the new car would have a complete 4WD with low gearing. Another important point was that the car had to be a bit larger than the L300. On the other hand, the new car should not be too large because of the handling in difficult terrain. But also if you have ever driven through a small village in Greece, you’ll understand why your car should not be too large. The standard Sprinter was converted into a real 4WD by the German specialist company Iglhaut Allrad. The interior of the car was converted into a campervan. October 2005 a high roof was fitted by the German Polyroof company, providing standing headroom and better sleeping facilities. Unfortunately our choice for the Iglhaut Sprinter turned out to be a wrong one…Despite all pros and cons, and because of repetitive(6 times) front wheel leaf spring break downs, we sold the car july 2009.

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